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Earthly Habit 4. Stop Making Sense 5. People are There are going to be more books with these characters, right? People are turning up dead, people are following Kate, and she expects to be next. Kate changes her appearance and jet sets from Canada, to Portugal, to London, to America, and sometimes more than once. She meets people who worked with her grandmother and Deacon during WWII, and through their memories, finds herself transported to a different time, filled with secrets and shady dealings.

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All the parts to this book were neatly woven together and the story flowed well. As far as the mystery goes, I loved how things started to unfold bit by bit, and by the end, everything fit together. The characters were engaging, and I loved Kate as a protagonist. I hope there's a sequel in the future!

While it's suspense rather than timeslip, the book still features strong writing and interesting glimpses of the past. The story centers on Canadian journalist Kate Murray, and her attempts to track down her grandmother's secret past. The story opens in London, where Kate has been covering a trial. An older man approaches her, telling about a story of an old crime, for which no one has been brought to justice.

Before he can te 4. Before he can tell her his tale, the man is killed. Kate's search for his story takes her into her grandmother's younger days and on a quest for truth amidst old memories of WWII. Not only have many of the players involved died, but those who survive now face terrible danger. Even though the book gets somewhat less probable toward the end, the writing style and the mystery itself had me hovering breathlessly as I tried to figure out the plot.

It's not so polished as Kearsley's later work, but it's very good stuff indeed. I wouldn't mind revisiting Kate Murray one of these days. Jan 28, Jo rated it it was amazing. Why have I never read anything by Susanna Kearsley before? I have been missing out from a great author! This book was absolute perfection. I am so happy that there are many more books by Kearsley.

I have been drawn to the covers of her books - even to the point of buying two of them when they went on sale at Amazon. I had no idea I was sitting on a gold mine. The writing was beautiful while maintaining a tension that kept you flipping the pages. I loved, loved, loved Deacon. He is the type of ma Why have I never read anything by Susanna Kearsley before? He is the type of man that reminds me of my husband. It was so refreshing to read about a good guy and not some bad boy. This was also one of the sweetest and most romantic love stories I have ever read. My heart broke for Deacon and Amelia.

And just for the record, Kearsley does all of this without foul language or graphic sex scenes. I enjoyed every second of this book, and I am eagerly fangirling looking forward to my next book with this author. I liked how easy it was to get into the story and I was hooked right away, however, I was not a fan of how quickly the novel progresses. The author's hand also feels heavy, lacking an organic feeling. A few of the characters are just there for convenience without any connection to the story as a whole, which I feel is a weak way to write. The story also asked a lot of questions through out like a suspense novel should, but the reader isn't really able to piece anything together on their own, with the last quarter of the book using conversations to answer all the questions.

I was disappointed with this book by such a talented author. It all begins with a forgettable old man telling her he has a story about murder to share with her and then Kate watches him die before her eyes in a hit and run. Starting slowly like the dropping of a stone into a body of water and the waves increasing steadily in size. This is a story of discovery and an unforgettable story of past sacrifices and secrets touching the present with danger and murder.

Originally published under another pen name, Emma Cole, Every Secret Thing is now released by Sus It all begins with a forgettable old man telling her he has a story about murder to share with her and then Kate watches him die before her eyes in a hit and run. The story begins with Canadian journalist in London for a big murder trial. She's covering the story and when the verdict comes in, she'll wrap up and head back home to Toronto. While the jury is out deliberating, Kate encounters a bland forgettable older man outside the courthouse. He strikes up a conversation and then speaks of her writing up a story he has about an old case of murder that never saw justice.

Piers Morgan and more – only in this week’s issue!

Kate is distracted by thoughts of her own story and thinks he's just a forgettable, lonely old man until she watches him walk away and die when struck by a car. He made one comment that disconcerts her- she has her grandmother's eyes. How would this stranger know that? Next thing she knows, she is being warned away from Andrew Deacon's story, his things are ransacked, and everyone connected to him is meeting with fatalities. It really strikes home when just after she gets back to Toronto, her grandmother tells her a story- a story of a life during the war years when her grandmother worked for a top man in British intelligence in NYC.

Kate is flabbergasted to discover that not only did her grandmother know Andrew Deacon, but they were close. Then her grandmother is shot. Kate goes on the run for her life and knows that she'll never be safe until she discovers the truth behind that old murder that Andrew Deacon wanted to come to light.

Her investigations take her back into the past- Lisbon of the 40's. She must avoid those who are trailing her and keep those who know of the past safe even as someone is dead set on the opposite. Alright, this book solidified what I already knew. I love Kearsley's work. I love her dual plotted stories that make the past come alive with the present story line and pose a cunning suspense and light romance plot as well. Every Secret Thing got going with some excitement and then turned gently paced in the middle. The end picked things up again. But it was not just the pacing so much as how the plot was teased out.

The reader is given an explosion of early facts and situation, characters, tone, and setting to drawn them in and get things started. Then details come along that start making sense while also confusing matters. Things are not always what they seem. Kate learns that she has to figure out who to trust and who is telling the truth. But that end-wow, a twist on a twist on a twist. So many details that I saw and didn't grasp the significance made the puzzle pieces finally fit and give the full picture.

Some I worked out, but other pieces left me amazed. Beyond the suspense, there was a beautiful bittersweet story of star-crossed lovers, people affected by war, honor, and duty, and hard truths. Many of the players in this one particularly in the past story line were so alive to me. At first, the reader is introduced to this old man who soon dies and he seems to be almost throwaway just to get the plot moving.

Even now, I get emotional just thinking of how wonderful and heroic that self-effacing man really was and I had to hear his story knowing that he was gone- murdered. Kate is the central figure, but her story is tangled up with those in the past. I bawled my eyes out there near the end at the loss, pain, and poignancy of this story that goes well beyond the usual engaging romantic suspense piece.

I felt I was there and could appreciate these international settings. I enjoyed this book in audio format. It was my first time with Katherine Kellgren as the narrator. I thought her voice really matched well with the characters from the past. I think it is a gift to not only portray a persona and their accent, but a person not from modern times and then switch it with people from the present and representing several nationalities.

She really gets into her storytelling and startled me the first time she told an exciting part because I wasn't ready for her to break out of her steady storytelling voice. But I adjusted and came to enjoy her dramatic telling. This story felt complete when it ended, but I noticed that it had been labeled as the first of a series.

I assume the main character, Kate, will have more suspenseful adventures and maybe do something about the attraction she shares with a certain someone. In summary, this was abso-fab and I can't praise it enough. The mystery plot would have been enough, but the blend with that historical time, the people, and the tone made it extraordinary. Romantic suspense and historical mystery lovers really should grab it up.

My thanks to Audible for the opportunity to listen to this book in exchange for an honest review. Kate Murray is a reporter working the case of a serial killer in London, far from her home in Toronto where she lives with her grandmother. An older gentleman named Andrew Deacon approaches her, saying he has a story for her. Kate gets stuff like this all the time and brushes him off but not before he makes a brief observation relating her to her grandmother back in Canada. Before she has the chance to say anything, tragedy strikes. She sets out to figure out just what Deacon's story was and how it involved her family.

How strange was it that a British man would know her grandmother? Why would he approach her and what was so important that it must be published? I'll admit, this book started slow. I was a little confused at the beginning because there seemed to be so many irrelevant details and characters cropping up. I just wanted to get to the action! But, as usual with this author's books, I quickly realized that everything that is written is deliberate. Every detail has a purpose in the story. After a few pages, it was easy to get into and I honestly couldn't put this book down.

I was entranced by it and I couldn't leave it until I had finished it. Reasons why I loved this book: 1 It's a murder mystery. It's a thriller. It's an adventure. It's a different take on Kearsley's normal time slip novels. It is a beautiful and heartbreaking romance. This book takes you through multiple genres and it all works. I was reading this while babysitting and the scary parts of this book were so creepy that I had to get the family dog to sit next to me and I dreaded the walk back to my house in the wind and rain.

I felt like someone was going to jump out and get me. An hour or two later, this book had me in tears. Like I said earlier, everything means something in this novel. That character that was mentioned briefly at the beginning is just as important to the plot as the main character. There are no loose ends and you can tell that it was a well thought out story, right from the beginning. You never run into superfluous characters in her writing and sometimes, you just have to be patient to figure out where she is going with her story.

I was convinced by this novel that this tragic couple existed. It didn't seem like a story that you just come up with. It felt like an author's take on real life events. The small details the jet beading on the dress, the tea roses, the photograph of the windmill were all so lifelike to me that it made the story that much more convincing. It had a Casablanca feel to it when it was describing the events that happened during the War and a modern thriller feel when Kate is running around Portugal.

Lisbon really comes to life and it is just as much a character in the book as every body in it. The story of Amelia and Andrew is tragic and it brought me to tears. It made me want to reach into the pages and give the characters hugs and thank them for their story.

There is a thrill I get from reading a well thought out, well written book and I got it from this one. I was held captive by the story and it wouldn't let me go until I finished it. I went into it, thinking it would be more like Kearsley's other time slip novels but this one was a surprise. I adore this author and I will faithfully read everything that she puts out. Jan 11, Reese rated it liked it. What an incredible mystery!

ITV Good Morning Britain: Susanna Reid in hysterics after sex bombshell - Daily Star

A present time quest for a conspiracy to unravel through eyes that had endured the WWI in the 40's, each contributor told their story how it was lived, leading the heroine to put the pieces together and in the end brought that magnificent mystery to justice. It was a chance to dive into the past of the my ever love for the 40's.

And of course, Susanna Kearsley could not leave out a little romance in return. I hadn't realized Emma Cole is Susanna Kearsley, as it was quite different from her normal anecdotes, but what a welcome twist to her character. I was at the edge of my seat, biting my nails, trying to calm my eyes from trying to travel beyond my ability to see clearly just to read what the next scene would reveal or what new character would be introduced. The detail of the all foreign places, the government organizations, and each person involved were so detailed that it was hard to believe that Susanna hadn't truly lived the events herself; ah, but such comes with the territory of amazing writers.

Liked it a lot. Not my favorite, but definitely recommended. I had never read a true crime mystery before, so I was glad to allow this one to pop my proverbial cherry. Sep 16, CLM rated it really liked it Shelves: suspense , 21st-century , canada. Writing as Susanna Kearsley, this author has been the closest thing to one of my favorite authors, Mary Stewart. I believe she chose a pseudonym because this novel was a slightly different genre but the story pulls the reader in immediately, as with her previous books, and her style is unmistakeable.

It is a great read, and well worth hunting down. Journalist Kate Murray is covering a trial in London when an elderly man tries to tell her about an old mysterious murder - then is killed before her Writing as Susanna Kearsley, this author has been the closest thing to one of my favorite authors, Mary Stewart. Journalist Kate Murray is covering a trial in London when an elderly man tries to tell her about an old mysterious murder - then is killed before her eyes.

When she learns he was a WWII acquaintance of her grandmother's, she uncovers a old wartime secret and is in danger herself. Can she uncover the mysteries of the past before seeming law enforcement silences her? This is supposed to be the first of a trilogy; I hope the author is hard at work on book 2! Jan 16, Carol Kerry-green rated it it was amazing Shelves: , read-jan , suspense.

Susanna Kearsley writing at Emma Cole - a brilliant novel about courage, bravery, love and hope.

ITV Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan unleashes 'T*T' rant leaving Susanna Reid cringing

Kate Murray is a journalist, approached by an old man on the steps of St Paul's she doesn't have the time to listen to the tale he wants to tell her of a murder done years ago and no justice done. Then the old man, Andrew Deacon walks away from her and is knocked down by a hit and run driver. Kate's whole life changes and she becomes caught up in Deacon's story and what it means for her on a personal Susanna Kearsley writing at Emma Cole - a brilliant novel about courage, bravery, love and hope. Kate's whole life changes and she becomes caught up in Deacon's story and what it means for her on a personal level.

View all 3 comments. Oct 14, Mieke rated it it was ok. Contains a few spoilers I really wanted to enjoy this book, thought the premise was interesting and found the beginning hooked me. Alas, downhill from there. I could not continue to be engaged in the plot nor care much for the protagonist. I sense that would be rather traumatic and yet I feel it was a bit "Okay, that happened View 1 comment. Feb 21, Holly Weiss rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , historical-mystery-thriller.

Susanna Kearsley has a gift for engaging her readers. This earlier work of hers published under the name Emma Cole is no exception. A chance encounter to learn of a murder, a not-so-accidental death Kate traces clues back through her grandmother's history. The story has different elements than later Kearsley books.

The romance is minimal and the book is based largely on Kate examining the crime from the present day. I enjoyed reading this early work. I enjoyed this story very much. The writing was wonderful, and I loved the way the author brought out how we overlook the elderly. In some societies or families they seem to disappear or fade into the background.

Susanna Kearsley did a beautiful job of conveying that message. Jan 18, Karen McMullin rated it really liked it. I've loved Susanna Kearsley ever since I read her first novel, Marianna. She has an engaging tone right from the beginning. It moves back and forth from the UK, to Toronto, to Lisbon. An engaging read that's perfect for the commute home. Susanna Kearsley is one of my favorite authors, reading one of her books is like snuggling up with your favorite blanket.

I believe this story was one of her earlier works. This book was quite the adventure, it kept me reading and at times kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. I liked the strong independent female character Amelia who was persistent at finding the answers to her story.

May 06, Amy S rated it it was amazing. Happy to report that this one is a win. There is no supernatural element in this story, just a good mystery. She is so good with characters; I found myself feeling sorrow over deaths of characters that barely made an appearance in the book. Very much enjoyed this gem. Before learning any more, he is killed by a hit-and-run driver. With a style reminiscent of Mary Stuart, we are taken on an international journey and a mystery that began during WWII.

All the elements are here; the secret, the journey, being followed, not knowing who to trust, people not being as they seem, romance, both in the past and the present, and every bit of it enjoyable. I liked Kate. The only problem with finishing is book is now I have to wait for her next. I was really looking forward to this read. I must say that I was very disappointed in the book as my attention was challenged throughout the book.

I don't know if it's Susanna Kearsley's style of writing that was difficult to stay with or if this is just not one of her best works. The storyli I was really looking forward to this read. The storyline was interesting but the characters just did not draw me in This was my first Kearsley read and I understand it is the first of a series to be written. I was interested in reading her "Winter Sea", hearing great things about it I hope that "Every Secret Thing" is not her usual caliber of writing.


Not one that I would recommend to friends. Journalist Kate Murray is surprised when a man approaches her on a London street, telling her they need to meet and talk about a long-ago murder. Moments later, he is dead, victim of a hit and run. Intrigued by his words and still clasping the dead man's business card she pursues his story with the vigour of a terrier. With plenty of twists and turns the book moved at a fast pace and flashes back easily from war-time New York and Lisbon to the present day.

Although there were clues I didn't guess the ending and would highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves espionage stories, mysteries, historical fiction set in WWII or just wants a good thriller. Aug 12, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle. I love this author's books. Every one of them tells a rermarkable story in an unusual way. I loved the intrigue and mystery of the book, as well as the movement between present and the past WWII.

I felt like I was traveling at Kate's side, silently watching her every move. A beautiful story. It was well researched, as far as I could tell and the characters were constructed well. Highly recommended, particularly for lovers of little known WWII stories, fic I love this author's books.

Highly recommended, particularly for lovers of little known WWII stories, fictional or otherwise. Interesting story, part mystery, part historical, as Kate Murray, a journalist, traces her grandmothers life during the 's and her job during the war. Covers some interesting facts about the Canadian women who went to London to work for Sir William Stephenson's British security coordination, also Camp X and details about the details of working for the intelligence community during World War II.

Jan 15, Melody rated it really liked it.