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With this score we can easily understand how much the legendary Italian composer know about Sicilian folk music, the wonderful ballad La Ballata del Prefetto Mori' is magistrally interpreted by one of the most important voices of Sicilian folk music: the legendary Rosa Balistreri. What would it be a fistful of dollars' without Alessandro Alessandroni's whistle Alessandroni - not accidentally nicknamed by Fellini il fischio' - started his whistling career within Nino Rota's orchestra to then become the hallmark of the spaghetti western era.

First reissue ever for this stunning LP, originally released under the legendary Flipper imprint in , which presents a collection of astonishing whistle' pieces by Alessandroni. The soundtrack for this epic western movie featuring the great Lee Van Cleef bears the signature of Ennio Morricone: Guitars, flute, piano, timpani, drums and a Native-American choir style make this motion picture a kind of original masterpiece in the maestro's oeuvre.

I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni perform here in their own unique way with Alessandro Alessandroni on evidence with his original whistling. The main musical theme was employed by Quentin Tarantino in Kill Bill vol. The legendary Nico Fidenco's score for Black Emanuelle is by turns sultry and serious, fun and funky. The sound is sophisticated, groovy and melodically memorable, mixin' latin rhythms - in a continuous sexual tension with the exotic images of the beautiful Laura Gemser - and electronic textures that show the influence of early techno masters such as Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk.

The vibrant soundtrack composed by the great Ennio Morricone for the fetishistic and dark Italian thriller Le Foto Proibite di Una Signora Perbene influenced by the works of bossa-nova artist Antonio Carlos Jobim and featuring the unequalled and unsurpassed voice of soprano Edda Dell'Orso. A portrait of Italy during the infamous Years of Lead Anni di Piombo , Cadaveri Eccellenti presented in at the Cannes Film Festival caused an outcry for the inconvenient issues addressed. Jazz and funky tunes are mixed here with a big orchestra-style peculiar of the best composition by the maestro Piero Piccioni, this album is an enjoyable journey into dark and light atmospheres.

It's light music, highly entertaining, listenable throughout and full of delightful little touches. Alessandro Brugnolini Overground, L'Uomo dagli Occhiali a Specchio is an italian composer and alto sax player who launched his career playing in a super jazz group band inspired by Miles Davis, The Modern Jazz Gang and later developed a very prolific activity as a composer and performer under his name as well as under pseudonyms such as Narassa.


One of the first pure jazz soundtracks for a movie belongs to him: it was and the movie was Enzo Battaglia's Gli Arcangeli. Featuring the legendary american singer Helen Merrill here it is, reissued for the first time on vinyl, one of the all-time rarest italian jazz LP. Great cinematic atmosphere in a selection of fantastic mellow tunes inspired by ancient melodies. Lyrical pathos alternates with unexpected asymmetrical musical strings and some funereal organ chords mixed to more psychedelic musical moments and glorious chamber music orchestrations.

Strong jazzy themes supported by strings, vibraphone, soft drums, some great bossanova mixed with shakin' mid-tempo tunes and the magnificent vocals of Edda Dell'Orso make this soundtrack a truly beautiful experience. Piero Piccioni has composed more than scores for film, television, radio, ballet and orchestra, working with legendary directors as Luchino Visconti, Vittorio De Sica, Dino Risi. Limited vinyl edition with extra tracks.

Heavy guitars, piano suites, harpsicord passages, deep bass all over in a fantastic mix very similar to Ennio Morricone's horror soundtracks of the period! Umiliani was a well-known Italian soundtrack composer and jazz musician. He was one of the pioneers of styles such as exotica and lounge and used a lot of funk moves in his soundtracks, too. Long time forgotten masterpiece of early electronic music reissued for the first time ever!

Daniela Casa is a true legend of early experimental electronic music and has been recently rediscovered as a great inspiration by many contemporary artists as Madlib. Omaggio ad Einstein', among the many albums of electronic music composed by Piero Umiliani, has a very relevant place.

In this homage to the German physicist, Umiliani subverts the rules of space and time in music and creates an album with 23 compositions, all of them less than 2 minutes long, instead of following the traditional tracks usually present in an LP. This is an original and experimental album, with a peculiar and epic catchiness, tied to Piero Umiliani's masterful use of synthesizers and great experience in the field of soundtracks.

The themes of Omaggio ad Einstein' take us to sidereal spaces, wandering across the universe with their clear sounds and wonderfully creative titles The Celestial Vault, Nuclear Valchyries, Galactic Abyss This album, released in by the Omicron Label along with a few other copies, still fascinates us and 40 years later it sounds incredibly modern' F. Argento, The legendary Paul Morrisey directed with the assistance in more ways than one of Italian film maker Antonio Margheriti, with the productions being overseen by Andy Warhol.

The italian composer CLAUDIO GIZZI, with his romantic and harmonious themes, has created a dark and romantically laced score that worked very well within the context of the movie, the well know gothic tale of Dracula here directed in a not so conventional way by the genius of Morrisey and Warhol. A powerful and subtle sound that supports and embellishes these stories with a very modern touch without being intrusive or overbearing like in many horror movies of the era.

Finally available on high quality vinyl with a deluxe packaging. With its sad tone the score perfectly matches the cold and cruel realism of this bizarre horror film.

The return of the spaghetti western sounds on Dagored! Le produit est en rupture de stock. Vous pouvez commander le produit maintenant. Commandez maintenant et nous commanderons l'article pour vous chez notre fournisseur. Order now. Collecting orders for repress.

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