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It was assigned by dividing the range into 26 sections, one for each letter of the alphabet, and then assigning the code depending on the first letters of the title. As can be seen from the list below, this approach was evidently not followed in every case, but it accounts for the great majority of the codes. This list is very incomplete. Ace Books have published hundreds of western titles, starting in There are 38 number-series western titles in the list below, but it may be incomplete. There were a total of letter-series western titles.

Babel is a science fiction novel by American writer Samuel R. Delany in which the Sapir—Whorf hypothesis that language influences thought and perception plays an important part. Learning it turns one into an unwilling traitor as it alters perception and thought. The change is made more dangerous by the language's seductive enhancement of other abilities. This is discovered by the beautiful star-ship captain, linguist, poet, and telepath Rydra Wong. She is recruited by her government to discover how the enemy are infiltrating and sabotaging strategic sites. Initially Babel is thou.

The book is set in present-day Ottawa where de Lint himself lives , but incorporates many elements of fantasy, folklore, and myth. Plot summary The plot concerns a young woman living in Ottawa named Jacky Rowan who, after a late-night encounter with a motorcycle-riding version of the Wild Hunt, picks up a red cap which enables her to see into the Faerie realms. She is soon drawn into a supernatural struggle between the weakened forces of the Seelie Court and their ominous enemies, the Host or Unseelie Court. She is regaled as the Jack of Kinrowan, a trickster figure who represents the Seelie Court's hope for victory against the forces of evil.

With the help of her friend Kate Hazel and an array of faerie friends and allies she makes along the way and a considerable amount of good luck , Jacky manages to rescue the kidnapped daughte. Capitol was Orson Scott Card's second published book. This collection of eleven short stories set in the Worthing series is no longer in print. However six of the stories have been reprinted in The Worthing Saga and one of them in Maps in a Mirror Lost Dorsai is a collection of science fiction stories by Gordon R.

Dickson from his Childe Cycle series. It was first published by Ace Books in The collection includes two stories that originally appeared in the anthology series Destinies, one that appeared in the magazine Analog Science Fiction and Fact and an excerpt from Dickson's novel The Final Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. New York: St. Martin's Griffin. Contento, William G. Archived from the original on Retrieved The paperback edition was originally published by Ace Books in , and was reissued by Baen Books.

Clarke, are the first popularization of the space elevator. Plot The novel tells the story of Rob Merlin, the best engineer who has ever lived. His machine, the "Spider," extrudes graphite cables of incredible strength. Darius Regulo has a monopoly on space mining, and doesn't like rockets. Half of their fuel is used to lift the other half, a waste of energy. Regulo wants to build a space elevator, and hires Merlin to do it.

Merlin will need to modify his Spider to extrude pure silicon cables, and to work in space. As work progresses, Merlin becomes convinced that his parent's accidental deaths, when he was a child, were in fact murders. He comes to this con. Virtual Girl is a science fiction novel by Amy Thomson published in by Ace Books,[1] about a robot illegally built with artificial intelligence. The author won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer with the book.

Black Gate » Articles » Vintage Treasures: Fair Peril by Nancy Springer

Tor Books Blog. Plot introduction Burnt Offerings continues the adventures of Anita Blake, as she attempts to solve a series of arsons and other crimes, and deal with a threat to her lover, the vampire Jean-Claude, as he fends off a political challenge from the Vampire Council. As with the other later novels in the series, Burnt Offerings blends elements of supernatural, police procedural, and erotic fiction. Explanation of the title As with previous novels, "Burnt Offerings" refers to a location within the novel itself.

In this case, "Burnt Offerings" is a vampire-themed theme restaurant where some of the events of the novel take place. The fictional restaurant is itself named after the real-world haunted house movie, Burnt Offerings. Plot summary As in the previous novels, Burnt Offerings requires Anita to balance her romantic life with her roles as supernatural police consultant, v.

It was first published in hardcover by Berkley Books in and in paperback by Ace Books in It was written in and first published as "H. The story's first independent book publication was in a paperback edition from Ace Books in October Each resists the idea of wedding a hereditary enemy. Meanwhile, in America, lovers Gwendolyn Bass and Hemmington Main find their matrimonial hopes thwarted by Gwendolyn's mother, who dreams of her daughter marrying into European nobility.

Bass takes Gwendolyn to Europe with this p. It is the second in his World of Tiers series. Plot summary A demigod disguised as an Earthman and Lord of the Planet of Many Levels, Wolff-Jadawin must enter the many-leveled universe constructed for his torment and destruction in order to save his bride from the satanic Master Lord Urizen. It is the third in his World of Tiers series. Jadawin and his wife have disappeared, leaving the World of Tiers threatened by invasion and chaos.

Human bodies taken over by Lord minds are pouring through uncharted gates. They seek two things: domination of every private cosmos, and the death of the Trickster, who knows too much. References A Private Cosmos, pjfarmer. It was subsequently reprinted in book form several times. The Big Time is a story involving only a few characters, but with a vast, cosmic back story. Plot The storyline features members of one of two factions, both capable of time travel, engaged in a long-term conflict called "The Change War".

Their method of battle involves changing the outcomes of events throughout history temporal war. The two opposing groups are nicknamed the Spiders and the Snakes after their respective sponsors. The true forms or identities of the Spiders and the Snakes, how those nicknames were chosen, or whether they are in any way descriptive are all unknown. The narrator of the novel is Greta, a young human female e. The Last President is a science fiction novel by John Barnes.

It is the third of the three books constituting the Daybreak series. Plot In and , after the Gaia-worshipping but environmentally destructive "Daybreak" movement unleashed a nanotech plague and nuclear and EMP attacks, the population of Earth has been greatly reduced and forced back to 19th-century or earlier technology. Two regions, one with its capital in Seattle, Washington and the other with its capital in Athens, Georgia, claim to be continuing the government of the U.

Much of the Northeast is inhabited by "tribals" who have been mysteriously brainwashed into "Daybreak", but in one of their strongholds, Lord Robert is breaking away from the movement.

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Despite tensions between the secularist believ. It was first published in hardcover and ebook by Ace Books in December , with a book club edition issued simultaneously with the Science Fiction Book Club and a trade paperback edition following December Scholar Phelan Cle of the Bardic School at Caerau chooses as his graduate thesis the subject of the perhaps mythical Bone Plain, where all poetry is said to have originated, and the tale of the wandering bard Nairn. Meanwhile, archeaologist Jonah Cle, Phelan's alcoholic father, pursues his own investigations, urged on by his dedicated disciple Princess Beatrice, the king's youngest daughter.

At the standing stones near the school is unearthed a strange artifact, a disk marked with anc. Revolvy Brain's folder Ace Books books. The Earthmen change their quest and decide to search fo short story collections Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Ace Books books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The book is set in an alternate ancient Mediterranean world and features and concerns Vergil's quest to forge a "virgin speculum" mirror fo fantasy novels Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Ace Books books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s fantasy novels Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

List of Ace miscellaneous numeric-series single titles topic Ace Books have published hundreds of western, mystery and science fiction titles, but have also published many books that do not fall into any of those three genres, including gothic novels, nurse romances, literature, and non-fiction. List of Ace mystery double titles topic Ace Books published mystery Ace doubles between and in dos-a-dos format.

List of Ace miscellaneous letter-series single titles topic Ace Books have published hundreds of genre titles, starting in , including a few that did not fit into the standard three genres that Ace focused on -- science fiction, westerns, and mysteries. List of Ace mystery letter-series single titles topic Ace Books have published hundreds of mystery titles, starting in List of Ace mystery numeric-series single titles topic Ace Books have published hundreds of mystery titles, starting in List of Ace SF letter-series single titles topic Ace Books have published hundreds of science fiction titles, starting in List of Ace SF numeric-series single titles topic Ace Books have published hundreds of science fiction titles, starting in List of Ace single volumes topic Ace Books began publishing genre fiction in This list covers the non-double novels, for both the letter-series and numeric-s Lists of Ace Books books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Ace Books books Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

List of Ace titles in F series topic Ace Books published its F-series of books, priced at 40 cents, from to List of Ace titles in K series topic Ace Books published its K series of books starting in and continuing to about List of Ace titles in H series topic Ace Books published its H series of books from to , at a price of 60 cents. List of Ace titles in N series topic Ace Books published its N series from to , priced at 95 cents. List of Ace titles in M series topic Ace Books published its M series of books from to , at a price of 45 cents. List of Ace titles in second G series topic Ace Books began its second G-series in , and it ran until , with serial numbers from to List of Ace titles in numeric series topic In January , Ace Books switched from a letter-series code for its books to a numeric series.

List of Ace western numeric-series single titles topic Ace Books have published hundreds of western titles, starting in List of Ace western letter-series single titles topic Ace Books have published hundreds of western titles, starting in Others roared with echoing wrath and joined in, elder men and women throwing stones the size of their fists. If any had caught the girl on the head they would have felled her, but they cut and bruised her body and legs so that she cried out.

Looking for her mother, she saw her standing to one side, weeping but not trying to stop the others as they all joined in. Smaller stones flung by children hit the girl in the face. She turned and fled down the mountainside until she could no longer run. Then she fell to the rocky ground, sobbing. She awoke at dawn, shivering from lying on cold stone, stiff and bruised. Blinking, she sat up to rub her eyes, but winced when she touched her sore, swollen face. Then she winced anew at the memories, and her heart hurt worse than her body or her face. Close at hand lay a deerskin bunched into a bundle.

The girl stared at it a moment before she fumbled it open. Inside she found a few rounds of cake and three strips of dried venison. The girl flung the rock away, but its message stayed with her, all too clear: she was not to return. At least someone cared whether she might starve. She stared at the flat cakes. They looked like the cakes her mother made. But then, all cakes looked much the same. Her throat closed against the sight of the cakes, but she felt thirst.

She needed to find drink. Many nameless shallow waters sprang out of that mountainside, running down over rocks to no one knew where. Taking the deerskin laden with provisions, the girl walked aimlessly until she heard a trickling sound. When she found the stream—it could have been any mountainside rill, perhaps a few fingers deep and no broader than her slender body—she cupped her hands to drink, then splashed water on her face.

Its cold touch stung her reddened eyes, yet soothed her soul. She had no reason for doing this except that she had to go somewhere, and the water would give her drink. She walked through days and shivered through nights and saw many deer but no folk, nor did she expect to find any; she presumed no people in the world but those—those who were no longer her people. A day came when she had nothing left to eat except her last half-round of cake. Following the rill, she saw it run through a cleft of stone too narrow for her. A rift of rock stood in her way; she climbed it, as she had climbed many others.

But this time, as she reached the top, she stiffened to a halt, dropped to a crouch and stared. A dark bright bigness filled a hollow of the rocks, gleaming and giving off sparks of white light amid colors, sky stone tree colors all blended. What was this shining mystery? And where had her rill gone? For a long time she froze like a rabbit, only her nostrils moving to catch any hint of danger. When her fear lessened, she clambered to the cleft where the stream ran. The bigness had to be water, it grew out of water and therefore must be water, yet—she stood atop the crags at a cautious distance and stared—yet how was it water?

It seemed packed or piled in such a way as she had never seen, so much water in one place that it took on gloss and color, and she could not look through it to whatever lay beneath. Perhaps there was no bottom? But there had to be. Stone held it. Like when I hold water in my hands to drink, she breathed. The mountain held this water in one place? Slowly she walked forward for a better look—then leaped back, for she had seen the form of a person moving on the sheen of the water.

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Her knees weakened. She sat trembling atop the rocks. Still trembling, she eased forward on her hands and knees. Crouching over the stillwater wonder she gazed, gazed, and in the muchwater she saw intimations of light, dark, shift, change; the personform was only a shadow now, blended with darker green shadow that hinted of tree. Like the surface of night sky, glinting with stars behind which she sensed depths she could not guess. Or like a dusky rainbow—. Hunger pain interrupted her thoughts; she reached for her last half-round of cake and bit into it.

A tiny crumb fell from her mouth onto the top of the muchwater—. A flash, a splash, a glimpse of something that shone, and then circle circle circle opening wider and wider like her own eyes. Circles faded and ceased. Muchwater lay still again. Without giving herself time to be afraid, the girl dropped another crumb. Flash, splash, an arc gleaming like cold fire. She squeaked with wonder and terror but gazed intently, and she thought she saw something flitting away under the surface.

Something that flies in the water, she thought, like birds in the sky, but soaring down in darkness. She felt herself quivering again, but she had to know, she had to know whether there were more than one, she dropped a whole scattering of crumbs, then gasped as the surface was broken by brightnesses flying up like great sparks, glimpsed, gone, and circling ring ring rings and more mysteries skimming just beneath sight. Such glory, such beauty, gave her blissful calm; muchwater calmed also. She sat still and rapt; muchwater lay still and shining.

She gazed down, and from the water a dark-eyed girl gazed up at her. Within the face of that shadowy girlform she saw something scud bright, like thought. Something roiled like thunder just below the face of stillwater. For days the girl camped nearby and did not quite starve, snaring rock rabbits to char over the fire she cherished on a hearth of stone; it had taken a whole day to start, so she never let it go out. In the chill nights she curled by the fire with her deerskin wrapped around her shoulders.

At dawn she would look to the muchwater, awed anew each day to see it breathe mists of steam like a living thing. Then found that a berry dropped onto the surface of wonderwater brought forth a bright swirl out of the darkness. After that, bunchberries were for muchwater, not for her. Day after day, whenever her hungry belly would let her, the girl studied the shadowshining water, in rain and sun and twilight and starlight.

Sitting atop the lowest rock she still felt not close enough. There came a blue-sky day when she lay belly down on the rock with her head stretched over the lip, her arms reaching for the water, yearning. She dropped a bunchberry, watching intently as it made itself a bed on the face of the water, which was also her face, shadowy eyes staring back at her with the berry lying red like a wound in between. A moment later there came the flash, the shining, and this time she glimpsed an eye like the dark of the moon, and a gleaming maw rising out of deep girlself almost close enough to touch.

If only she could grasp it, hold it in her hand a moment, then she would—maybe she would know.

The Locus Index to Science Fiction: 1984-1998

Maybe she would understand the wrongness in herself. Her chest heaved with wanting. Wriggling on her belly like a serpent, she pushed herself closer to the water, head and shoulders and half her body over the lip of the rock, arms stretched down. Making herself like a willow wand, she dropped a berry.

She saw the mystery flash up out of darkness, shining so close—the sight quivered her whole body and sent her lunging toward it, her hands opening like stars—. In her ears something roared like a dragon as she flew down into the water-like-a-night-sky, cold, its icy coldness thick all around her and in her, ears, mouth, nose—breathing water hurt very much. But then it became like sleeping, dark and blurry, like the inside of her mind when she closed her eyes. And then there was not even darkness. She awoke to find herself lying beside a blazing fire, shivering even in its warmth, wrapped in—what was this thing?

She was home, somehow, with one of her people?

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But—whoever he was, he spoke her language, yet she could not understand what he was talking about. She sat up to peer at him over the flames of the fire.

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He was not one of her people. She had never seen him before, a strong old man with flossy white hair and beard, his skin lizardy and much lighter than hers—that frightened her, and so did his eyes, pale like a watery sky between saggy lids. She had never seen such sky-colored eyes. But they seemed not unkind, although it was hard to tell in firelight. The pale-eyed man nodded at her as if she had done well to sit up and gawk at him.

Greetings from the civilized world, he told her. I am Herodotus, at your service. And what might be your name? There again, he spoke and she understood yet she did not understand at all. Hero dotus? She felt herself frowning from listening to him. It is a pleasure to meet you also. Nodding, he turned the spit he had rigged up over the fire, upon which something sizzled. Where had he come from?


I first became aware of your whereabouts when I sighted your fire, the old man said as if in answer. For the past two days I have been observing you at a discreet distance. But when you performed your remarkable feat of fishery, I essayed to pull you out. I did not care to let a perfectly good barbarian drown. The girl gave up listening and only heard, her eyelids drooping, no longer trying to understand but only to know what he was like.

Up you popped, he went on, hanging onto an exceptionally large, exceptionally placid trout with both your little brown paws. I jumped about, I offered you a hand, I called to you, but you would not let go of the confounded fish. Not even when you went under again. I had to grapple you out by the hair. You are fortunate to have such long, strong hair, young lady.